Mastocytosis Specialist
Mastocytosis, Hypereosinophilia and Hyper IgE are potentially serious immunodeficiency disorders, which can be devastating to patients who suffer with them. Dr. Blessing-Moore and Dr. Maskatia are board certified allergists and immunologists who treat a variety of allergy disorders for patients in Palo Alto, San Mateo, California and surrounding areas.

Immunodefiency Disorders Q & A

What Is Mastocytosis?

Mastocytosis is an illness occurring in patients of all ages that is characterized by the patient having a mast cell count which is too high. Mast cells are found in the skin, the liver and spleen, stomach and intestinal linings, lungs, lymph nodes and other regions of the body. Their function is to protect your internal organs from disease. Having too many of these can cause allergic reactions and symptoms, sometimes leading to severe conditions like anaphylaxis.

What is Hypereosinophilia?

Hypereosinophilia, also called hypereosinophilic syndrome, or HES, is one of a group of blood disorders which occur when the patient has too many white blood cells called eosinophils. These cells help to regulate your immune system and when too many are present, they can cause inflammation in your organs and eventually serious systemic damage to the heart, lungs, nervous system, blood, and skin. If not treated, this illness, which most commonly affects men between the ages of 20 and 50, can be life-threatening.

What Is Hyper IgE?

Hyper IgE Syndrome, or HIES, is a very rare immunodeficiency illness that is characterized by a variety of skin disorders including eczema and staph abscesses (boils) on the skin, by lung infections, hypereosinophilia, and an excess of IgE in the blood. It can affect skeletal and connective tissues, teeth, cardiovascular and other body systems, and can become life-threatening if not addressed.

How Are These Illnesses Treated?

The treatment for an autoimmune disorder is generally unique to each individual, but often includes medication and immunotherapy to correct systemic imbalances. Once diagnosed, the patient’s doctor will work to create an individualized course of treatment as necessary.

Dr. Blessing-Moore is an expert immunologist in the Palo Alto and San Mateo area with experience in treating these and other immunodeficiency conditions.


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