Immunotherapy/Monoclonal Antibodies

Immunotherapy Specialist
When the body suffers from cancer or immunodeficiency disorders, fast and effective treatment is essential to resuming a normal life. Dr. Joann Blessing-Moore and Dr. Rani Maskatia are board certified immunologists serving patients in the Palo Alto and San Mateo, California areas.


Relates to methods of treating allergies through the building of tolerance to environmental factors, such as pollen, dust, mold, and insect stings.

There are a broad variety of methods used for immunotherapy, including oral tablets(SLIT) or shots(SCIT) and medications, monoclonal antibodies(shots or IV infusion) are used to treat Astma, Urticaria(hives and itchy skin), and Atopic dermatitis(allergic skin).

The side effects of immunotherapy are rare, but can include hives or systemic allergic reaction. Therefore, shots are given in a medical facility.

If a patient has low antibodies(immune deficient) and had frequent infections, gammaglobulin IV or subcutaneous infusions can boost the immune response.

Allergy shots or pills, monoclonal antibodies and gammaglobulin infusions are all available to assist in immune system control.


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