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Immune Deficiency Specialist
When the body isn’t able to properly fight off disease and infection, it can make living a normal life exceptionally difficult. Joann Blessing-Moore, MD Inc is an asthma, allergy and immunology clinic that serves patients suffering from immune deficiencies throughout the San Mateo and Palo Alto regions.

Immune Deficiency Q & A

What Is an Immunodeficiency Disorder?

Immunoglobulin is the part of your blood plasma that contains the antibodies that help fight off diseases. When patients are unable to produce enough Ig, or enough antibodies within the plasma, immune deficiencies result.

Immunodeficiency disorders are health conditions that interfere with the body’s ability to battle diseases and infections, making it easier to get sick. There are two types of immune deficiencies: acquired and congenital. Acquired immunodeficiency disorders are those contracted. Congenital disorders are disorders a person is born with.

What Is CVID?

CVID stands for Common Variable Immune Deficiency. It is one of the most common primary or congenital immune disorders, affecting around 1 in every 25,000 people. It is caused by the body having unusually low levels of antibodies and immunoglobulins, resulting in an increased sensitivity to disease and infection.

Properly diagnosing CVID requires evidence of the missing antibodies. It is usually diagnosed following an unusual number of infections in the ears, sinuses, air passages and lungs. Many patients also have enlarged lymph nodes, an enlarged spleen, and lymphocytes in the intestinal walls.

What Is SAD?

SAD is an abbreviation for Specific Antibody Deficiency. This immune deficiency disorder presents in patients whose bodies do not produce enough IgG, or Immunoglobulin G, antibodies to protect against pathogens but otherwise have normal levels of the chemical itself. SAD is also sometimes known as impaired polysaccharide responsiveness or partial antibody deficiency. It may be diagnosed in patients who have overly frequent ear infections pneumonia, sinusitis or bronchitis.

What Is Immunoglobulin Therapy?

Immunoglobulin Therapy is one type of immunotherapy and is a means by which patients can replace low levels of Ig and Ig antibodies through donor plasma that is carefully collected and screened. This can lessen the effects of immune disorders or even in some cases reverse them.

Dr. Blessing-Moore and Dr. Maskatia are experienced immunologists delivering Ig therapy to patients in San Mateo, Palo Alto, and nearby areas.


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