Chronic Cough

Chronic Cough Specialist
Joann Blessing-Moore, MD and Rani Maskatia, MD are board certified allergists and immunologists who specialize in the treatment of chronic cough. They serve patients throughout the San Mateo and Palo Alto area who suffer from chronic cough.

Chronic Cough Q & A

What Is Chronic Cough?

Many people mistake asthma with a chronic cough. Asthma can be characterized by a chronic cough, but it's important to understand the underlying cause of a cough to treat it properly. If a cough lasts more than three weeks in a child or more than eight weeks in an adult, then the cough is considered "chronic." There are many different causes of a chronic cough, including smoking, chronic bronchitis, post-nasal drip, and of course, asthma.

What Are the Four Most Common Causes of Chronic Cough?

The four most common causes of a chronic cough are:

  1. Nasal Congestion
  2. Sinus Congestion (sinusitis)
  3. Pulmonary Problems
  4. Acid Reflux (heartburn)

How Do You Treat a Chronic Cough?

Dr. Blessing-Moore and Dr. Maskatia will work with you to understand the underlying cause of your cough. This allows the doctors to treat the specific problem causing the cough rather than just the cough itself, which in turn will provide long-term relief. Many times the doctors will administer pulmonary and allergy testing, and in more severe cases, X-rays or CT scans need to be used.



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